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Support Baltimore's Black Theatre Companies | #blacklivesmatter

Updated: Jun 9

Baltimore League of Theatres stands with #BlackLivesMatter. At the outset, our organization was founded on the values to uplift the community that takes the safety, equity, and social justice of our artists seriously.

Baltimore League of Theatres has donated to each of the organizations listed below, as well as Baltimore Action Legal Team.

There are many ways to support Black Lives Matter, through voting, demonstrations, donations, and education. A compiled list of resources can be found here >> https://www.notion.so/BLACK-LIVES-MATTER-68fe71a3e6974eaa9629af047a074384

Thank you to Aladrian Crowder Wetzel, Zipporah Brown, and Alisha Patterson in helping me put this together <3

Ways to support Black theatre companies in Baltimore:

  • Donate if you are able so they may continue to thrive and do the artistic work that is essential to creating a thriving Baltimore theatre community.

  • Follow them on social media. Read, listen, and watch their recent posts. Like & share their posts and events so that the algorithm continues to put them on your feed & makes them more visible to others' feeds.

  • Leave a review on their Facebook pages.

Afro House


Facebook | Instagram

DONATE: https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/afro-house

ABOUT: Afro House is a music driven performance art house that is all about creating Disruptive. Music. Culture. through performances in traditional and non-traditional spaces.

MISSION: To create art that disrupts and transforms the human imagination, providing fresh eyes to view both past and present, challenging artist and audience to create a better future. *Afro House does not identify as a traditional theatre company, and are included on this list with their permission.

Arena Players


Facebook | Instagram

DONATE: https://www.arenaplayersinc.com/donate

ABOUT: Arena Players is the oldest continuously operating African-American community theater in the U.S.

MISSION: Our mission is to entertain, educate, and serve the Baltimore community. We nurture and give growth to new, emerging, and established artists through cross-cultural endeavors while boldly illuminating the African-American experience through the preforming arts.



Facebook | Instagram

DONATE: https://www.artscentric.org/make-a-donation

ABOUT: ArtsCentric, Inc. is an African-American performing arts organization, committed to producing impactful works of art. ArtsCentric approcahes the arts with a color-conscious lens when creating community-oriented and enriched education programs. The organization strives to positively impact a broad and diverse audience base, and uphold high standards of quality entertainment, while using the arts to inform, change, and enhance lives, one audience at a time.

MISSION: ArtsCentric is a color-conscious organization committed to reexamining traditional roles in the arts, advancingoriginal stories of specific cultures, and fostering educational advancement to strengthen the community through the power of theatre.

fools and madmen

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DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/foolsandmadmen

ABOUT: fools and madmen is a series of mobile hip-hop adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays, touring Baltimore City Public Schools and Baltimore neighborhoods each school year.

MISSION: The goal of the project is to bring classical theatre to Baltimore City Public Schools, and to bridge the cultural gap between Shakespeare and Hip Hop as art forms. We believe that Shakespeare’s stories and characters are for everyone to access, and hope to break the perception that they belong only to one culture of people. Using classical and modern language, poetry and music, rhyme and rhythm, our production is meant to show that the only thing really separating hip hop and Shakespeare is a gap of culture - 400 years, and an ocean.

Two Strikes Theatre Collective

Facebook | Instagram

DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/tstcbaltimore

ABOUT: We are a group of motivated Women of Color who have been neglected in society and the arts. We live in the intersectionality of being a woman and a person of color. We recognize the power of our voices and have created an organization that celebrates, promotes, encourages and pushes the envelope of who we are and what we can be artistically. We are here to take over the world. We are the match to light a revolution.

MISSION: To develop art that upsets the status quo, promotes stories for and by Women of Color and provides creative opportunities and resources that serve the Baltimore community.



Donna Ibale, Executive Director


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