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#BaltimoreTheatre - Online Edition 5/7

As pandemic related restrictions begin to ease slowly & carefully in Maryland, city & state arts organizations are leading the effort to ensure a robust re-opening of the arts sector when gatherings can safely resume. The Maryland Arts Recovery Task Force has begun meetings to address the many areas of consideration for a successful reopening. You can find out more about the task force here: https://www.baltimoretheatres.org/taskforce

Here’s what’s online this weekend:

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

@ Wyrd Sisters Shakespeare Society

Thursday, May 7th @ 7:30pm

Wyrd Sisters Shakespeare Society's Inaugural Production of Twelfth Night or What You Will on May 7th will benefit our sister theater, Strand Theater Company! Twelfth Night is a Pay What You Can performance and all donations are appreciated!

She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen

@ University of Maryland

Thursday, May 7th @ 8pm

After the sudden and tragic death of her younger sister Tilly, Agnes Evans discovers a mysterious fantasy gaming notebook that offers clues into her sister’s life. Risking her own real-life relationships, Agnes enters the action-packed world of Dungeons and Dragons brimming with dominatrix warrior women, ogres and fairies to understand Tilly’s world and mourn her death. This touching story draws on nerd culture and queer representation to explore themes of sisterhood, loss and acceptance. More Info >>

Performance Interface Lab

Lab B: 5/8/20 - 5/24/20, Fridays - Sundays. These are interactive, live pieces of microtheatre (up to 25 minutes in length) enacted for only one audience member at a time. More info >>

The Other City

Kathleen Akerley & Emily Whitworth share a fascination with the spaces in which we live - the mental and emotional spaces. We each live in a city to which we currently have limited access: our homes have become our cities, our bodies are the only constant cities. Have we built them all with more love than vigilance? More vigilance than love?


Created by Philip Kenner and Matt Meyers, SNAP CRACKLE PROP is an interactive radio play about children’s cereal, sound effects, and the crunchy caves of our imagination. SNAP CRACKLE PROP will give you a chance to step into the shoes of a Foley artist, where you will create sound effects for children’s cereal commercials using the objects in your own home. You will meet Jason: a voice actor who can get a little lost in the work. If you’re looking for a laugh and an auditory obstacle course, SNAP CRACKLE PROP will delight you.

Love Story: A Meal in Five Courses

Love Story: A Meal In Five Courses uses the five senses to conjure both a meal and a love story. How do the senses inspire memory? Is touch possible through a computer screen? How do you taste the memory of love? Can you experience love by something other than emotion? Culinarily crafted by Rachel Hynes and Anastasia Wilson, this piece invites you to a communal meal of memory.

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

@ Pandemic Players

Saturday, May 9th @ 7pm

Benedict and Claudio, soldiers recently returned from war, reunite with Beatrice and Hero with differing reactions. Claudio and Hero fall in love at first sight, while Benedict and Beatrice rekindle a more combative relationship. In this beloved Shakespeare comedy, deception, misunderstanding and trickery abound as two young couples travel two different paths to love.

Each week we partner with a brick and mortar theatre company that has been shuttered by the pandemic, to raise money through donations to help keep them afloat. This week we are excited to be partnering with Guerrilla Theatre Front. To learn more about this group and to donate, click here >>

Poe Theatre on The Air - The Raven

Poe's famous poem about love, lost hope, obsession and tragedy gets a dramatic retelling and an extra-unsettling listening experience. Listen on NPR >>

Shattered Space

@ The Scattered Players

June 5th - 28th

Shattered Space is an online, fully interactive, three-dimensional show created & built by Chris Uehlinger & Matt Payne, with direction by Benjamin-Ernest Abraham & Lance Bankerd. After a major cataclysmic event, known as T h e S h a t t e r, inhabitants of a once closely knit two sun solar system are hurtled into space, unable to communicate or fly ships, and are isolated from one another. In this universe, audience members take on the role of the only pilots left in the universe, the Star Jockeys. Star Jockeys travel from planet to space station and to other celestial locations where they meet the location’s inhabitants and, hopefully, are able to offer some help.

Missions will be approx. 45 mins long, available @ 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm each show date. There will be 30 pilots maximum per mission. Reserve your mission at https://shatteredspace.live/tickets

Auditions & Jobs

The Gold Night Writer Applications @ Baltimore Rock Opera Society

The Gold Night is a new world premiere rock opera that will be staged in the spring of 2022. BROS is seeking a Lead Script Writer to support Jessica Keyes, who pitched the show earlier in 2020 and will also be serving as lead composer.

Set in Dawson City in 1898 during the peak of the Klondike Gold Rush, a ragtag group of gold-crazed characters in a sumptuous saloon are gleefully outdoing each other in games of chance and rousing dance numbers when an impending attack by a giant ice worm unites them to venture into the cold, terrifying night to fight the monster and save the town from total destruction. This arctic adventure will include grizzled prospectors returning from camp with tales of the encroaching threat, a friendly Sasquatch and its barkeep love interest, a heart-rending love song under the Northern lights, and an epic battle on the icy tundra. More info >>

Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) is hiring for two fully remote positions.

Click below for detailed job descriptions, salary information, and how to apply:

Priority given to applications received before May 11, 2020; early submissions encouraged. Employees can be based anywhere in the U.S.

A national community of artists and artist-led companies, the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) exists to propel ensemble theater practice to the forefront of culture and society. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, field leadership, and national arts service organization for 350+ members throughout the U.S., NET links a diverse array of ensembles and practitioners to one another and the broader field of performing arts and culture across multiple disciplines, encouraging connection, collaboration, and knowledge building/dissemination. NET is committed to the advancement of the ensemble form, and strives to bring about change in the world beyond ourselves through the transformative power of co-creation, ensemble values and practice, and collaborative theater and performance-making.

Wyrd Sisters Shakespeare General Company Auditions

@ Wyrd Sisters Shakespeare Society

Submissions due May 15th

Wyrd Sisters Shakespeare Society is Looking for a Few Good Womxn! WSSS is a brand new, digital classics company dedicated to creating performances based on womxn identifying perspectives! We will be exploring Shakespeare and his contemporaries as well as early womxn writers (Aphra Behn, et. al) and devised adaptations of classic novels. More info >>

Workshops/Classes & Activities

OOpS: Online Opera Series Challenge @ Baltimore Rock Opera Society

Submissions due Sunday, May 24th

BROS is challenging YOU to create your own short, original rock opera video. Using only what and who you have at home (and following the strictest of socially responsible guidelines for keeping everyone healthy and safe) create an original mini-rock opera up to 3 minutes in length and film it to share with the BROS community. We'll choose the top 10 submissions and then post them online to be voted on by the public.

The creators of the winning submission will get the opportunity to recreate or enhance their masterpiece with BROS' support and resources. This may mean a new soundtrack with a full band performing your acapella musical score, or perhaps a new dance number or added special effects. The reimagined opera will premiere at an official BROS event (after quarantine), and join the ranks of BROS' productions! More info >>

Playwrights: Envision the Future @ Olney Theatre Center

Saturday, May 9th @ 5pm

One prominent article advised theatres emerging from the crisis to think smaller - one-person plays and two-handers. But Michael Kaiser of the DeVos Institute takes the opposite tack, essentially arguing that theatres need to “go big or go home.” What’s a playwright to do? How are working playwrights thinking about their viability in the new environment? And what amazing stories lie ahead for us in a post-pandemic world? More info >>

Two Strikes Tales @ Two Strikes Theatre Collective

Calling out to all Black Womxn Artists--we want to hear from you!

Every week for the month of May, Two Strikes Theatre Collective will post a prompt for you to create content. Send your poems, monologues, songs to our FB or IG, or post it to your own page and tag us! We can't wait to hear from you. More info >>

View the full list of ongoing workshops here: https://www.baltimoretheatres.org/workshops-classes

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