Baltimore League of Theatres is: 


  • A marketing organization representing community & professional theatres, theater companies, and arts organizations. 

    • BLOT promotes community & professional shows, events, workshops, and auditions from Baltimore theatres & arts organizations.

    • BLOT promotes a comprehensive list of community & professional Baltimore Theatres that meet the following criteria:

      • HQ in Baltimore City and/or Baltimore County

      • Produce performances, events, and/or workshops in Baltimore City and/or Baltimore County.

      • Companies or organizations who produce performances, events, and/or auditions outside of Baltimore City & Baltimore County are decided on a case by case basis. 

      • Operates in good standing according to our Community Guidelines.

  • A resource for theater companies, arts organizations, and performers about Baltimore Theatre performances & events.

Our Values

Baltimore League of Theatres provides promotion to a curated assortment of theatre companies, arts organizations, and performances we feel celebrates & affirms the community and vibrancy of the artistic work of the city. 


We represent theatre companies, organizations, and performances that exemplify, to the best of our knowledge, each of our values: 


  1. The leadership has a proven track record of creating safety (in regards to physical, emotional, psychological, and intimacy safety) in the rehearsal process, hiring process, performance space, and workplace. 

  2. The workplace culture is a safe environment for all its staff and artists, and clearly articulates its safety policies. 

  3. The content of the work does not harm marginalized communities, including but not limited to LGBTQIA, non-binary, black, POC, indigenous, those living with disabilities, those living with mental health challenges, sex workers, etc. 


Baltimore League of Theatres was founded in November 2019 by Donna Ibale. She had participated in many community discussions among theatre leaders & artists about the need for a unifying organization among the theatre companies in Baltimore. With the help of leadership from previous theatre alliances, the website & policies that form BLOT was created to actively advocate for theatre companies of all sizes. Donna Ibale currently serves as the Executive Director, with an advisory committee from across all sectors of the theatre community. 


Baltimore is a thriving, unique community of artists and performers of all disciplines. The Baltimore League of Theatres is a marketing entity, that will serve to amplify the theatres of all sizes that make Charm City a theatre & arts destination on the East Coast.


Donna Ibale, Executive Director


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